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Doors Close On October 8th

Copy Dojo is an outstanding copywriting Course that my business partner Kevin Koop is launching on October 10th.  This class is a series of 8 two hour webinars that will cover everything you need to know about becoming a successful copywriter and improving your sales conversions.  Whether you are an offline marketer, affiliate marketing, sell PLR, write ads for PPC advertising, etc. this is a course you are not going to want to miss out on. 

Here is a webinar we held a week ago that covers some copywriting basics.  This is a free training and is filled with great content.  After you review the webinar, hit the link below the video and make sure you purchase this course. 


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Please be patient, it may take a few minutes to buffer! 
This is over two hours of content!

If you previously passed up this offer, after watching this webinar you might want to reconsider!  My brother Phillip and I went over a number of ways in which  you can sell this service to people, organizations and businesses all around you.

We had a pleasant surprise from one of our attendees on the webinar, he shows us how he used this system for a friend who works at CNN, and now the referrals are going to go through the roof for him.

We just added some more items to the download page including business cards, flyers, and Phillip even created all the files again so they will work with GIMP.

The webinar is two hours long, but there is a ton of great information in it. If you have not purchased this product yet, hit that Buy Now button above.  Enjoy!